Buying With Me

“From the initial home search to the eventual purchase, Vanessa was with us every step of the way and provided the guidance and support necessary for us to find our perfect home. We’d confidently recommend her to anyone!”

– Ping X.

Buy with Confidence

I live, work, and breathe Toronto North York Area. I tour and vet everything we see first, before you do, personally. That means no time wasted on missing must-haves. We can explore most properties virtually or in person – whatever works for you.

No Fine Print

Nobody likes paperwork – but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easy. I’ll walk you through it, honestly and openly, and all of your questions will get answered. You’ll never be rushed through signing important documents you don’t completely understand.

Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE®)

Using industry contacts, historical information, in-depth research, and years of experience, I’ll confidently and firmly handle the offer process for you.

Get a Team of Professionals on Your Side

My network of trusted professionals will do inspections, check the property’s history, and help you with securing your funding with a mortgage specialist if you need it.

Always There for You

I’m there from start to finish, for whatever you need in your buying journey. Guaranteed.

“Vanessa is a great agent to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional and reliable. She was responsive and kept us informed throughout the entire process . Overall very satisfied with our experience. Highly recommended Vanessa for all your needs in Toronto Real Estate!”

– Ping X.

Not to Brag, But…

Get into Your Dream Home

Use latest technology to set up real-time listing notification so you can get your dream home before everyone else.

Your Time is Valued

I don’t cancel meetings, I’m never late, and I don’t do things last-minute. Call, text, email, any time. I’m always available to help.

MVP of Your Real Estate Team

Any questions you have, me or my team of Real Estate professionals will answer you!


Almost There!

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